What are the different ways to get to Alaska?

Q: What Are The Different Ways to Get To Alaska?

A: There are a few different was to get to Alaska; it is pretty isolated, so one of the best ways to get to Alaska, is simply to fly.  Depending on your planned Alaska Vacation, you will probably want to fly in to either Anchorage, or Fairbanks; both have major international airports. You can find airlines that offer flights to Alaska on our Alaska Airlines page. Another great way of getting here is to take an Alaska Cruise.  Many Depart from Seattle, and Vancouver and they are a peaceful, and extremely scenic way of getting to Alaska. A truly perfect Alaska Vacation combines land-based tours with an Alaskan cruise, to get a great overall perspective of this amazing state.  There are many Pre-Cruise, and Post-Cruise options available on our Alaska Vacations page, and you can always customize our trips, or create your own Alaska Cruise Vacation from scratch.

You can also make the drive to Alaska. It is a long one, but it is fun if you have an RV, or enjoy road trips.  See this past Q&A for tips on driving to Alaska: How To Drive To Alaska? So those are the main ways of getting to Alaska, I suppose you could also hitch-hike here, or swim; but I wouldn’t recommend it!

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